Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm thinking of starting to post projects here. Just really for me, so I can stop by and admire my creations and photography.

I've made a ton of mini albums that I haven't posted anywhere. I'd like to post them to share with far off family. I'm really bad about getting photos to them. But maybe if I start sharing stuff online, it will get better.

And I've taken up TTV photography. I'd like to start posting my favorites someplace other than flickr
TTV stands for Through the Viewfinder. You use one camera to shoot through the viewfinder of another camera. Most of the viewfinder cameras are vintage Dual Lens Reflex cameras. The viewing lenses of those cameras are huge. Here's a link to my favorite flickr group - Through The Viewfinder
The discussions at that group fills in a lot to the technical questions on TTV.
And Russ Morris' website ( is the best place to start if you want to start taking TTV photos.

So maybe what I should do is come up with a schedule for posting a few times a week. Maybe a day for mini album projects, a day for layouts, and one for TTV. I think I could swing 3 posts a week, if I know what I need to post before hand.

Let me think on that and maybe I'll start a real schedule in Aug.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Help me Win!

Want to win this beautiful quilt???

(Photo taken from Dana's blog)

Dana over at the Old Red Barn Co is giving this beautiful handmade quilt away. And I'd love to win it.
Check out this blog post to get more info on how you could get a few chances at this quilt.

I found my way to the quilt giveaway because I have Sandy Henderson's blog bookmarked in bloglines. Sandy designed the fabric used in the quilt. I have a bunch of fabric blogs I like to read. I love the colors and designs that are in today's fabrics.

I love quilts. But I have to admit that quilting is something I haven't tried. Maybe I need to write that on my bucket list.

Now I'm off to figure out how to post a graphic in my sidebar. I need those extra 5 chances. And I think I need to break out the flip and see if I can do a video that earns me 50 more.
Wish me good luck.