Friday, September 21, 2007


Sorry, I've been trying to get some things done around the house. So I haven't turned on the computer in a few days. I've been trying to help my husband get some stuff done that had to go out ASAP. But I'm winding that down and should have more "me" time soon.

I have a bunch of stuff to post about. I also have a lot of creative stuff to post. Don't think I'll have a chance to post much this weekend. But will try to get back on track next week.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Catching Up - Part 1

Had a great time at the beach. Wish I could stay for a month or two.
Getting caught up with everything. I can't believe how far behind I got in just 3 days.
I'll have to make another "catch up" post tomorrow or Saturday to show you some of the great goodies that arrived while I was gone.

To tide you over until I have more time to post, here's 4 days of my Shimelle class. I still have to finish today's. I just have to print the picture.

Day 9 - "It's easy to relax on the beach"
All supplies Making Memories

Day 10 - "You can Adapt"

All supplies from Making Memories except pink paper under "you" from Hambly Studios

Day 11 - "Never leave the camera in the room. You'll miss dolphins."

Supplies - Pink letter stickers - MAMBI, Small letter stickers - Making Memories
Pattern Paper - Fontwerks

Day 12 - "I don't recover from quick trips like I use to."

Supplies - Pattern paper - Hambly Studios, All stickers - Making Memories

Saturday, September 8, 2007

To the Beach

Going to Hilton Head Island, SC in the morning for a few days. Can't wait to get to the beach.

Here's my Shimelle page for today. Helping my husband with an event for disabled people gave me my lesson learned today. It's so easy to take for granted what you have. When you see people missing limbs and in wheelchairs, it does make you realize all the small things that a person can complain about are so trivial.

I am glad to have a few days off from real life. I'll take my computer, but I doubt the condo has internet service. I usually need it to clear off my memory cards for the camera. It's nothing for me to take a thousand or more photos on a trip like this. I always take more than I need, so that I am sure to have exactly what I want.

Hope the rest of the weekend is fun for you.

Quick Post

Here's my page for today.
PP and transparency are from Hambly Studios
Letter stickers, ribbon and sticker label are from Making Memories.

I have a long day tomorrow (well really later this morning.), so I'm off to bed.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Here's my pages for Day 5 & 6 for my Learn Something New Class with shimelle, with a little background info.

Day 5 - "Some days you have to force yourself to do things". All supplies from Making Memories

And I had to get out and take some photos for another online class. This water tower was one of the photos. I took 3 different towers at old mills near my home.

I am behind in the photo class. I signed up for it at Click on the camera lens to get to the workshops. It is a 10 week course with Cheryl Johnson. Her photos are wonderful. But the weather has been so hot that I haven't wanted to get out and take any pictures. So I really had to force myself to get out.

(Why I signed up for 3 in the same time period, I don't know, but I am having fun. I am staying caught up in the Shimelle and Jessica Sprague classes. Of course I can stay in the air-conditioning for those. And the weather seems to be cooling down, so I should be able to get out more.)

Day 6 - "Even adults need playtime"
Supplies: pattern paper from Tinkering Ink; Bazzill cardstock; letter stickers from Making Memories & MAMBI; paint from MM and Heidi Swapp; transparency from Hambly Studios and 2 sizes of bubble wrap

This one was just about getting out paint and bubble wrap and playing. Seeing the technique so many times in the past 2 days, made me think about doing a page on it. And I have to say, it wasn't as messy as I thought. And I can't wait to play with this technique some more.

In other notes:
I've bought 2 glass pendants from Allison Kreft ( Her Etsy Store )
I'm waiting on a package from Anodyne Design
I'll post about both when they get here.

And I'm off to Hilton Head Island, SC on Sunday for a small trip. I can't wait for that. I get to see my sister-in-law and her husband. And that will be fun. And it will be the third time this year I've gone to the beach. That's highly unusual, since my husband isn't crazy about the beach. But I like it, so I'm happy.

Hopefully, I'll get 2 more posts in before the beach.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Digital Scrapbooking

I really love scrapbooking with paper. And I'll never give it up, but I have to admit that digital scrapbooking has really gotten my interest lately.

I'm currently in an online class at It's her "Up & Running" class. And I think it's the best online class I've ever taken. I've taken a lot that I like, but the knowledge I'm gaining in this one is worth every penny I paid. And for $40, I really think it's a steal.

You get almost all the materials you need to complete weekly layouts. You do have to supply a computer, photos, and some sort of editing software. I already had Photoshop Elements 5. But you can download a free trial, if you want to try it out. Or you can use another brand if you have it. The videos are showing the screen in PSE5, but there have been hints for Mac users.

Today's mid-week lesson in the class, helped me do a layout that I struggled with all weekend. My favorite online digi store, has added a new designing team. It's a brother and sister team from Germany called ONdesigns. Here's a link to their store, ONdesigns. They have some cool "textured" items in their store I can't wait to get my hands on.

And on the ONdesign Blog, they are running a contest using one of their templates. So I thought I would try to do a page. Let me say that I took half the afternoon Sunday trying to figure out how to do the page. I finally had to save the layout at the point I had it at, and close it. I really thought I wouldn't get to do the layout. So I'm glad to say that Jessica, came to my rescue today. She did a lesson on Clipping Masks. So I can now proudly post my layout using ONdesigns' template.

And here it is. All I had to do was add paper, and I colored the title and swirls. And it's the first layout I've ever done with a template. Now that I know what I'm doing, it really is easier to start with a template. And next time, I'll be able to add more embellishments.

Template - Ondesigns ( ONdesigns blog and store )
All Papers - "Out There" mini kit, Meredith Fenwick Designs ( Studio Meredith also at )

I do have most of my Shimelle page done for the day, but I still need to add the photo. Really I have to take and add the photo. So it may be the morning before I can post it.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Today's Page

Here's today's page. Glad that I'm keeping up.

Hopefully, I will get some time to add a few other things I'm doing sometime this week.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Learn Something New pages

Here's the other pages for the Shimelle class.
Check out for more info.

Click the photos to get a bigger view, so you can read the journaling.
Here's day one -

Here's day 2 -

Here is today's -

I spent the whole day in my PJs, cutting and gathering all the supplies for this album. It was a nice and relaxing day. Just what Labor Day is supposed to be.
I'm a little late posting this. I just got caught up. I'll post the other pages tomorrow.

This September, I'm going back to school. In my own little world.
I've got a book and a pen and I'm going to record what I learn from life.
I believe I really can learn something new every day.
I'll share what I'm learning in the form of pages from my book, posted right here on my blog.

I'm not alone: lots of crafty ladies are learning and recording right along with me.

See their work

Learn more about our project

Hope everyone in the US had a great Labor Day. I stayed in my PJs. And it was great!