Saturday, September 13, 2008

Childhood Memories

So last month, Kerry Lyn Yeary had a pre-sale of her first kit at Kenner Road. On that day, I was at the CK Convention in Charlotte. And I decided not to take my laptop, so I totally missed out. I know that Kerry will have some on sale starting midnight EST on the 15th. But I think it will be next month, before I could even try to swing a kit. Car taxes and insurance are due. I hate when bills get in the way of my scrapping habit.

I guess, I first noticed Kerry on the Hambly design team. I love her vintage touches. She always seems to do projects that appeal to me. I was secretly glad when she announced that she was doing a monthly kit. To celebrate the beginning of Kenner Road, the girls on the Creative team are offering a few few giveaways. I love to win stuff, and I want to win a prize from Kenner Road. So here's a post about my childhood street, so that maybe, I can win a cool prize.

I grew up on Diamond Street. We actually lived in 2 houses there. We first moved to a small 2 bedroom house, when my sister was a baby. About the time that we would have had to share a room, my parents bought the house next door. It was much larger. And it was a nasty green color.

The street was on a large hill. I remember my dad having to park at the top of the hill, when icy roads were expected. Once the road got a little ice on it, you couldn't make it to the top. It was so steep, most of the kids had to push their bikes to the top. You couldn't ride to the top. It was just too hard.

I remember playing with the other neighborhood kids. In the early 80's, you could stay outside all day until dark. Summer was spent building a dam in the creek and swimming in the water. I was probably lucky I was never bitten by a snake. Just thinking about the muddy water, gives me the chills now. So many things you do when you're a child look plain stupid when you grow up. Swimming in that creek is one of the them.

I also remember having bottle rocket wars. You always wanted to get the top of the hill. I don't know what our parents were thinking. 9 and 10 year olds, outside, tossing lit bottle rockets at each other. It's amazing that I'm able to type. I could have easily blown a few fingers off.

I remember playing on the playground. Swinging as high as I could, then jumping out. Soaring out. Competeing with the other kids. Trying to jump out the farthest. Nice easy times. No bills. No responsiblity. Wishing I could grow up faster. If I only knew then, what I know now. I think I'm still be swing in those swings. No cares in the world.

So that's a little taste of Diamond St.
Now visit the Kenner Road Creative team blogs and enter jthe drawings. You could win a cool prize too.
Kerry Lynn


Dina said...

Fab, fab memories...thanks for sharing & participating!

jayne said...

OMG...I love your childhood memories we could have been neighbors except I didn't live near water for swimming unless we were at the beach!

Thinking back it's amazing the things we did, the fun we had and the "danger" we were probably in. Truth be told I think kids today need a more of just "being kids" and being outside and left to their own devices! LOL

Thanks so much for sharing I totally enjoyed reading your recollection of days gone by. :)

Gigi said...

ah...bottle rocket wars! such great memories of diamond street :)

hope you have a great week & thanks for sharing your story!!

Jenn (scraprascal) said...

Hey Connie! I drew your name for my fun little RAK! Email me?