Monday, September 22, 2008

Thank goodness Fall is in the air...

taken with Kodak Duaflex II and Canon Digital Rebel XT, enhanced with EZ Actions

I live in the South. It's usually hot or hotter here. So I'm very thankful that Fall is trying to pay us a visit this year. It's already getting cooler. I actually wore a long sleeve shirt Saturday morning for a few hours. And I turned off the air conditioner last Thursday. Highs have been around the lower 80's.

I especially glad that cooler temperatures are here, because it means I can get out and take more photos. It's hard to lug around 2 cameras when the temp. is over 95. And since I only seem to want to take ttv photos lately, my load has gotten heavier. So the heat kept me close to home.

I'm excited that I finally bought one of the cameras on my ttv wish list. It's an Ensign Ful-Vue. It is a vintage camera that was made in England. I won an Ebay auction for one yesterday. But I'm getting a little worried, since I haven't gotten a revised invoice from the seller. I won it early yesterday and requested the invoice right way. And it's been over 24 hours. The seller did respond to my question about the shipping costs to the US very quickly. So the seller may have gone off for the weekend. I'm just being impaitent. I've been trying to win one on Ebay for months. I can't wait to get it, so I can post a photo of it. I hope the shipping from England will be fast.

And I bought 4 other cameras on Ebay yesterday. The Ful-Vue is going to cost almost $22.50 with shipping. The other 4 cost me $20.32 total. Those cameras are 2 more Kodak Duaflex IIs, an Argoflex 75, and an Ansco camera. The Ansco isn't for ttv, it was in a lot with the Argoflex, so I had to take it. It will look good on my camera shelf.

I didn't mean to buy 2 more of the Duaflex, but they were such bargins. I paid $3.99 for one. And the other was $5.54. And the collector in me couldn't pass those up.

And it looks like I'll get to take some beach ttv photos. Mark and I are heading to Edisto this Friday for the weekend. I can't wait to take a bunch of photos.


ArtsyMama said...

You saw you were a winner before I could even get to you. Congrats! Please email me your address at so Marilyn can send out your goodies.

aimee said...
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aimee said...

i left you a comment on my blog in the comments...don't know why i didn't come here first...duh!!! ;)