Thursday, September 13, 2007

Catching Up - Part 1

Had a great time at the beach. Wish I could stay for a month or two.
Getting caught up with everything. I can't believe how far behind I got in just 3 days.
I'll have to make another "catch up" post tomorrow or Saturday to show you some of the great goodies that arrived while I was gone.

To tide you over until I have more time to post, here's 4 days of my Shimelle class. I still have to finish today's. I just have to print the picture.

Day 9 - "It's easy to relax on the beach"
All supplies Making Memories

Day 10 - "You can Adapt"

All supplies from Making Memories except pink paper under "you" from Hambly Studios

Day 11 - "Never leave the camera in the room. You'll miss dolphins."

Supplies - Pink letter stickers - MAMBI, Small letter stickers - Making Memories
Pattern Paper - Fontwerks

Day 12 - "I don't recover from quick trips like I use to."

Supplies - Pattern paper - Hambly Studios, All stickers - Making Memories

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