Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I lost more than a month.

I knew October was going to busy. But then the surprise trip to the emergency room with my grandfather who is 81 and lives with my husband and I. And his week long stay in the hospital after one of his toes was amputated... I really got so far behind. I'm slowly digging myself out. It's hard to keep up with his appointments. Someone has to go with him, when he visits a doctor. And since his children won't take the responsibility, it fall on my shoulders. And he's blessed that I'm married to such a wonderful man, since my DH has gone with him about half the time.

I had to take time to do a few things that I wanted to do. Like joining the Digital Scrapbooking Day fun at It was fun day. And I needed to have a day just to myself.

I'm also behind in my class at I can tell you the techniques we're learning this round are really cool, but I haven't had time to do my layouts.

And one more thing, if you do scrap digitally, please go check out It's a great site that has a charity scrapbook kit each month. All proceeds go to a different charity each month. This month "Toys for Tots" benefits from the kit. Check out this great kit.

Click the photo to see it bigger.
Hope you check out Songbird Avenue. And maybe it won't be so long until my next post.

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Michelle said...

That is a good idea about the frame and the advent calendar - very cool that she answered you too!
Thanks so much for spreading the word about the Songbird Avenue kit!!!