Thursday, November 29, 2007


Really had a lot of trouble today. Don't really know what's going to happen with my grandfather. He looked pretty bad today. (Yesterday he told me the hospital wouldn't have released him if he wasn't well. I think he may have another opinion today. I don't think he's feeling good.)

Feeling a little guilty, because I said some really harsh things to him. Things that are the truth, but I don't think he wanted to hear them. Mainly about his kids and how sorry they really are. But that's me. I'm very blunt and to the point. No point in beating around a bush.

Also worried about other bigger news. Something that I hope is true, but I'm scared to let myself believe that it's really happening. We'll have to see how that pans out.

Also trying to figure out a shopping list for Christmas. And trying to plan out activities to do this month. I really want to make it special by doing all the small things that come with Christmas. Driving around looking at Christmas lights is a big one on my list.

Now I'm off to bed, hopefully I can get rid of this headache that I've had all day. It's really been a pain.

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