Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Finding a way to help.

I just wanted to post a little note about a project I'm working on.
I joined a group of bakers/cardmarkers at this site
It works like this.
Someone forms a group and finds people to join.
All group members agree to bake some homemade cookies to send to soldiers overseas.
And sometimes the groups agree to add something special to their packages.

The group I joined is mailing cookies and 10 homemade cards. One of the other group members has a son who is in the Army. He is our send to person. We mail our packages out to him. He has to give the stuff out.

I've got a recipe for a cookie bar that I'm going to make. I need to make a test run this week. I have to mail the package out by Monday. I should be ready.

I just wanted to post about this little thing. And I hope that you can find some small way to help the world around you.

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