Sunday, November 16, 2008

Win a Quilt and a few other things.

I still have to post the Cuttlebug cards. I just didn't have enough time this weekend to get everything done. I'll try to get a few projects posted this week.

Would you like to win this quilt?

Go check out this cool contest from Dana at
She has a nice 3 quilt giveaway going on. You have until tomorrow to enter. All 3 quilts are beautiful. Go check her blog and enter the contest. I promise you'll thank me.

I really need one of those quilts. It's getting cold here. And we need a new heating unit. So no heat isn't really fun right now. I have a space heater going. I'm waiting on the local gas company to come run a gas line and put in a meter. They should have been here Thursday or Friday. But it rained, so no men came to hook me up. Then the heater men have to come and put in the new unit. I hope this can all be worked out this week. I know if it rolls into next week, I'm going to have trouble. It's so hard to get work done in a holiday week.

And I turned 34 Saturday. I feel the same. I got a new lens for my camera. A 50 mm 1.8. I think I should have gotten the better made 50 mm 1.4. The 1.8 is noisy and I hope I can get used to that.

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